Espresso machines

Espresso machines

To the production of pods and capsules, we have added the sales of espresso machines in order to offer our client a complete service due to the fast evolving market of the single dose espresso which has become a landmark of ‘Made in Italy’ in the world.

Espresso Roma offers a range of machines suitable for all solutions, combining innovation and design with high technology and quality components, in order to give customers the experience of a perfect espresso. Our quality is guaranteed by the use of Italian technology and cooperation with important companies in this field.

Each machine is also available in various versions in order to satisfy the most popular capsule systems on the market produced by the company:

  • Z0101 Espresso Coffee Machine for capsules GOLD (compatible with Nespresso system)
  • Z0102 Espresso Coffee Machine for capsules FAP (compatible with Espresso Point system)
  • Z0115 Espresso Coffee Machine for pods (E.S.E. Pods)

Our machines are very easy to use. They are supplied with a water tank (0.8 lt), and a  large container for the collection of used capsules or pods. The volume of coffee dispensed is fully automatic allowing to have an espresso (30ml) or a long coffee (60ml). The energy saving system adopted will switch off the machine after 10 minutes of inactivity.