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Espresso Roma

Espresso Roma

Specialized in the production of coffee capsules and pods

Espresso Roma is an Italian company, located in Roma, operating in the field of coffee and specialized in the production of coffee capsules and pods.

In order to offer its clients a complete service, the sales of espresso machines has been accompanied to the production of capsules and pods, arising from the fast evolution and needs of single dose espresso market which has become a landmark of ‘Made in Italy’ worldwide. Espresso Roma offers a range of machines for all solutions OCS, HO.RE.CA and family. Our quality is guaranteed  by the use of Italian Technology and collaboration with important companies in the field.

Each machine produced by the company is available in various versions in order to satisfy the most popular capsule systems on the market.

Espresso Roma offers his clients the possibility to choose products compatible with common systems on the market as well as private label productions.


The culture of espresso

The culture of espresso

The culture of espresso as an expression of Italian “quality of life”

It is commonly acknowledged that drinking Italian “Espresso” is a way to taste and enjoy life, as long as knowing how to prepare it.

Coffee capsules and pods are the easiest and most popular way to prepare a real Italian “Espresso”, avoiding the difficulties an inexperienced consumer could meet. Being that they are single doses of Espresso, they facilitate the preparation, avoiding the need of grinding and measuring the amount of powder to be used. The single special packagings are prepared in an isolated and protected atmosphere enabling to save the coffee aroma and taste as if just packed. Without any waste.

The consolidated marketing of coffee pods and capsules in addition to the carefull selection of our product qualifies the high quality of our Caffè Espresso Roma, obtained by a blend of the world finest coffees.


Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed quality

The excellent quality of our products is reached starting from the selection and mixtures of the best world’s varieties of Central and South America, Africa and Asia.

Our experience allows us to offer our customers blends capable of satisfying the most sophisticated tastes, thus our ‘Special’ blend with its 60% Arabica has a velvety and delicate taste. While our ‘Classic’ blend following a traditional recipe has a creamy appearance and an intense flavor.

Tradition is supported by traceability, flexibility and exclusive packaging.

Through our Vending, Large Distribution and Retail channels, we offer our clients three types of products in our two ‘Special’ and ‘Classic blends:

  • Espresso Roma pods (E.S.E. pods)
  • Espresso Roma Capsules FAP (compatible with Espresso Point system)
  • Espresso Roma Capsules GOLD (compatible with Nespresso system)